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Welcome to Covid-19 ideas home page

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Hi folks, Eddy Crowley here, I have set up this page as a concerned civilian who wants to contribute with ideas that might help in the

fight with covid-19. As a creative thinker I have been focusing on how I can help in the battle against covid-19 with preventative measures.

The idea is to come up with copyright free generic concepts that can be deployed by many DIY assembly lines and

manufacturing businesses at once.

E-mail eddy@hex7art.com or comment on the FB page www.facebook.com/covid19ideas

(The ideas on this site are only a starting point, they are generic designs that will be taken in many directions

by many people who will improvise on the concept and evolve it to suit their circumstances.)

bubble hat barrier


Bubble hat barrier V1 is elegant, V2 is for mass production and V3 is a DIY project.

Bubble hat V. 3. hose pipe

Prevention is key for those most valuable & the most vulnerable members of society, especially those in shared environments

like care homes, people in mental institutions, people sharing enclosed environments like on ships and in prisons.

The air feed hole is also for eating with a fork or spoon and drinking with a straw.

The top of the hat is open to aid in ventilation and prevent condensation.

Build using water hose reel, cling film etc. :

Below is an assembly diagram for a DIY Bubble hat barrier made from garden hose reel, cling film etc.

bubble hat barrier for covid-19

The hose pipes are given rigidity by the cling film wrap.

bubble hat hose reel cling film

Two large yogurt pots or pot noodle pots, with the bottoms cut out, would be ideal as they are water proof and durable.

Potential issue here in N. Ireland as whether to use green or orange hose pipe ?

hose reel bubble hat

Two cup / large yogurt pots with the bottoms cut out filter and fan for Bubble hat barrier.

bubble hat cup fan

Update on the two cup / large yogurt pot with the bottoms cut out filter fan.

bubble hat fan final


Prevention is key for those most valuable & the most vulnerable members of society.


Can you help ?

Could you make a you tube video of how to assemble a bubble hat barrier to help stop infection of covid-19 ?
Please email eddy@hex7art.com and let me know if you are interested.

bubble hat barrier video

I've decided to give the project over to the people and ask them to partake by doing instructional videos done by different people

in different languages all voted on in polls for best build, best instructor, funniest, worst etc. As they say in the Gettysburg Address

'' Of the people, for the people, by the people ''.

bubble hat show

It's home brew Blue Peter time.


logans run

As forecast on the film 'Logan's Run'.

For live transmission will need the Sean Ryder clause on Ch. 4's TFI of 3 second delay to control illegal content.


Bubble hat V. 3. pipe insolation tube.

This idea is for those most at risk from the virus i.e. over 70's in care homes, people in mental institutions,

people sharing enclosed environments like on ships and prisoners.


Build using pipe insolation tubes:

bubble hat build instructions

First draft. Use two styrofoam cups / large yogurt pots with the bottoms cut out as connectors for either fan extension or

coffee filter paper to stop spit.

bubble hat

diy shop bubble hat

Instructions to build your own Bubble Hat Barrier covid-19 defence unit from a DIY store inventory.

If condensation is still a problem vent slits can be cut into the rear 3 panels.

bubble hat build

When mains electricity is not available to power the hair dryer, until Gov. issue, buy a car battery booster with a cigar lighter port

and a 3 pin plug transformer with a cigar charger port. This means its portable and car journeys are possible.

production line bubble hat

Many small scale production lines could be established for the Bubble Hat Barrier.

diy bubble hat

DIY Bubble Hat Barrier. Plastic tubing from old vacuum cleaner.


Bubble hat barrier V. 2.

I've had a rethink on the 'Bubble Hat' after learning the virus is not air born but spread from hand to face so paper filtered air is fine

instead of carbon filter and UV light.

bubble hat covid 19

bubble hat


Bubble hat barrier V. 1.

Introducing the inflatable ribbed bubble hat barrier to help stop the spread of covid-19.

bubble hat

Design brief for 'Bubble hat barrier'.

bubble hat

The bubble hat component parts for assembly.

bubble hat

For quick and cheap deployment could be rolled out in kit form with UV lights to sanitise,

Also made in kit form

Could we slow it down if all are issued this bubble hat barrier idea?

bubble hat

Rethink of Bubble hat barrier as a sports alternative. Introducing the Bubble hat sport, for ball games during the covid lock down.

bubble hat sport

New form of covid sports leagues for all forms of sports done with bubble hat sport barrier.

bubble hat sport barrier


old age pensioner bubble hat barrier

home buttonbubble hatVR schoolstress dollother ideas

I've been pondering on how students can still study via Virtual Reality classroom learning, my first draft is below:

virtual reality school

virtual reality classroom

robo classroom

Next is the 'Biggie' VR classroom from Win. 10 PC or via Xbox.virtual reality classroom on win. 10 & Xbox

Windows 10 & Xbox VR classroom portal.
Once the VR lesson is loaded can be used over and over again with different teachers in control of the classroom.

virtual reality learning microsoft

Microsoft global VR degree idea. Pay for live tuition set time classes or just watch class for free.

microsoft vr vern

V.R. distance learning desk and chair format.

vr desk format


Back to covid-19 reality below.


This is a great visor idea for when your out and about. Much better than just a face mask. posted on @covid19ideas on FaceBook,

can not find original poster to thank. A clear A4 sheet holder is needed and maybe remove the lenses from sun glasses if want to.

face visor

Please send your ideas to e-mail eddy@hex7art.com or the FB page www.facebook.com/covid19ideas


barrier covid-19

Do we need a Mr. covid-19 icon as a hate figure to boost the morale of the people? Even as a stress doll to tug and pull and kick about?

Made by charities and money to good causes.

covid 19 stress doll

For adults size Mr. Covid-19 stress doll based on Mr Stretch Hulk doll at say twice the dimensions.


Hopefully many different versions will emerge, every charity having its own brand, some like Mr. Stretch others knitted or

sowed out of rags and burned at the stake that the alien invader deserves when the crisis is over.

covid 19 stress doll

Why not give the video games a break and do some real life target practice on Mr. covid-19.

mr covid 19 target range

First draft of Mr. covid-19.

mr covid-19

Sketch idea for a comedian to play President Trump.

covid-19 Trump

Standardized air filter unit idea.

air filter


'Snail Habit' lifestyle idea to help with self isolation in shared environments.

It's the fashion function format for covid-19.

snail habit clothing


Never mind the toilet paper, for self isolation of covid-19 you need a ream of A4, a clip pad and a ball point pen, use the time as a

sabbatical to document yourself, worst case scenario people left behind will know what you where about.

art dad


New cover of 'The Italian job' theme tune for covid-19 needed to help boost morale.

If anybody wants to give it a go or do a karaoke version feel free and post to FB page.

We need Bob Geldof & Midge Ure again.
Original song link https://youtu.be/HbeXL6AXmi0

the self isolating society lyrics


Positive mental attitude to beat covid-19.

Any coders out there who could do a ' Covid-19 Invaders' game based on 'Galaxian' 80's classic where the players ship

is a white blood vessel and the invaders are the virus cells. I think it would be good for morale and something to play

when fighting the disease in isolation..

Covid 19 the arcade game

Do not under estimate Holy Trinity Shamrock Power.

Saint Patrick power

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Thanks for visiting and I hope you like the content so far, any ideas or thoughts welcome.

E-mail eddy@hex7art.com or comment on the FB page www.facebook.com/covid19ideas


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